Packing and Moving Tips to Make Your Next Move Easier 

As soon as you know you’re moving, stress levels are going to rise. One way to avoid getting too stressed out is to take practical steps to get ready for moving day. Use these easy tips for moving and packing.

Get Started Right Away

Don’t wait to start preparing for your move. Even if it’s a couple of months out, you need to take steps to pack and to get repaired.

One significant step is to figure out how you are moving. You can do the move yourself or have professionals do it. Moving across town to a studio apartment is relatively easy with a couple of friends. But, if you’re moving more than that, or need to move across the country, hiring professionals is a smart move.

Be sure to get a fair price on a moving quote as soon as possible.

Gather Quality Packing Materials

You will need moving boxes, packing tape, and packing material to get started. Now, you don’t have to go out and buy brand-new moving boxes. It is crucial, however, to use quality boxes, especially if you’re moving more than a few miles.

Quality boxes, properly packed, will hold your items safely during the move. Check with friends and family to see if they have any moving boxes from a recent move. Check out local forums for people giving away practically new boxes.

Bulk order packing tape and pens. You need a double layer of tape along the bottom of each box. Plus, each box needs to be labeled for contents.

Start Packing Right Away

You don’t want to be scrambling the day before the move, trying to get everything ready. Start packing off-season items first. Then, go for the things you won’t miss, such as sentimental or rarely used items.

As you get closer to the move, start packing lesser-used items or things you can do without for a short time. Then, in the days right before the move, pack up the everyday objects.

Create an Essentials Bag or Box

Even if you’re moving just across town, moving day is going to be stressful and chaotic. To make things a bit easier, pack an essentials bag to get you through the first night in your new place.

Your essentials bag can include important documents, medicines, phone chargers, favorite kid/pet toys, a change of clothing, or anything else that will make that first night go smoother.

Keep this essentials bag off the moving truck. It travels with you.

Pack Wisely

Use boxes appropriate for the things you’re putting inside. Heavy items, like books, should be in smaller containers to minimize the weight. Use larger boxes for light items like pillows and comforters.

Keep items together based on the room they will be in at your new place. You can pack and unpack quicker.

Use household items like towels, clothing, and linen to fill in gaps when packing boxes. It will keep things safe and lessen the number of packages you need to pack.

These tips will help make your move easier. And less stress is best.