8 Ways to Write an Excellent Press ReleaseĀ 

A press release is part of the main components of a public relations strategy. The document consists of detailed information about product releases and other important announcements.

Excellent press releases play a vital role in ensuring that the media stays updated with your organization’s current developments.

The first step towards getting a chance for an interview or a slot in the magazine is by crafting an excellent piece using a press release distribution service. It enables you to become visible to your new customers.

Journals have a great potential to offer stories and top-notch pitches often, which helps you stand out from the crowd.
Below are guidelines to write an excellent press release that will help your organization look credible and attract journalists looking for stories.

Create a Catchy Headline to Grab Attention
Journalists get attracted to a catchy headline. That’s what grabs the attention and create interests when seeking good stories. Therefore, ensure your headline is engaging and accurate.

Make Your Intentions Known Within the First Paragraph
Reporters have busy schedules and might not have the time to read through lengthy content. It’ll surprise you that the journalists may only focus on the first paragraph and expect to get what you’re trying to communicate.

Pass your press release message out quickly. Address the essential information within the first paragraph in the first or second sentences. Include supporting information in the subsequent sections.

Back it up with Evidence
Let your content include the significance of your products. If you’re giving information regarding a trend, ensure you back it with hard numbers to make it more compelling.

Avoid Grammatical Errors
Once you draft your press release, proofread it, and ensure there are no mistakes. When done, give to one or two people to proofread. You can then send it out once you’re sure of no errors. A reporter can fail to take you seriously if your release has errors.

Include Quotes Where Possible
Adding a quote from your staff or any information related to your products or services can create a friendly and warm atmosphere for the press release. It can also appear as a source of information.

Contact Details are Essential
Lack of contact information in the press release can render it incomplete. Reporters need the information to follow up with you. Include your details or that of your company employee. The contact details include your email and phone number, and you can have it at the top page.

Give Detailed Information
Give shorter content between one or two pages maximum. Try as much as possible to make it one page. If you have more information, don’t go past two pages. Also, ensure the entire content is easily readable.

Give Access to Additional Content
It’s advisable to limit your information to one page, and you can go further to two pages if you must. However, there is still room to provide additional information.

You can give access to your company’s links that are relevant to the information provided in the press release. It allows prospective reporters to learn more about your company’s mission and achievements.

If you forget to give access to more details, the writers will have to spend time searching your website for more content. Don’t make this mistake. Ensure there are enough sources for relevant information.