How to Succeed as a Construction Manager 

As a construction manager, you need to use your prowess in project management techniques to deliver quality services. Carry a positive attitude with extensive training in a variety of construction projects. With an eagle’s eye, little can escape your attention when it comes to time and money. The following tips can steer you in the right direction if you want to succeed as a construction manager.

1. Be organized

Over the last two years, the field staff turnover is increasing at an alarming rate. For high-end home builders in Phoenix, like Superstition Mountain Homes, the issue needs immediate attention. According to the senior vice president, Rod Luker, you need high organization skills to solve such a situation. Work on strict schedules and effective time management approaches. Ensure that the pay application process is on point. To achieve high productivity levels, subcontractors’, suppliers’, and vendors’ issues should be in-house.

2. Use technology

Technology has revolutionized the construction industry both on the ground and in the office. To remain relevant in this competitive space, you need the best project management software for construction. The vice president of LandSouth Construction, Joe Passkiewicz, added technology in the field to experience a fundamental shift in workers’ productivity. The CEO of Drake Construction, Gary Drake, has a comprehensive and well-structured database for effective operations. Purchase orders, budgets, and concrete expenses are facilitated with the best software.

3. Track site activities and numbers

It is critical to track site activities for accountability and constructive operations. Actions in the production processes affect the result of your project. Ensure you can identify inefficiencies to avoid losing money. According to the CEO of Gafcon, Yehudi Gaffen, you must maximize technology to cut down on paperwork and respond to tasks promptly.

4. Communication

Communication plays an integral role in the productivity of construction projects. Drake says that the best thing to have at your disposal is a paper trail showing who did what, and when.

5. Keep relationships personal

Face-to-face meetings work well for healthy business relationships. Technology saves time and can also make you neglect building relationships. Passkiewicz understands the vitality of meeting clients and vendors in person. You get to discuss more than the project at hand, leading to better prospects.

6. Keep training at heart

Regular training of staff helps them to sharpen their construction skills. Ensure that your employees are up-to-date with construction codes and any new product in the market. LandSouth understands how valuable back-to-basics training is for the success of their company. Your employees need to keep abreast of the relevant construction training courses for higher productivity.

7. Work within the schedule

Time is money for you and the client. The president of Cook Construction, Brian Cook, works with a strict schedule to fight inefficiencies in their processes. You should check programs frequently and add time when the need arises for quality services. It may be difficult to avoid certain time-setbacks, but keeping the project on course, keeps the client happy. When you work on a strict schedule, you can save your company a lot of money and start other projects promptly.

8. Address employee’s issues and maintain their morale

An employee’s hostile attitude and low morale can spread like wildfire in your company. LandSouth ensures there is open and honest communication with instant updates within the organization. For Passkiewicz, he silences the chatter that damages the field morale. On the other hand, Luker keeps his employees upbeat by recognizing their value and efforts.